Opportunities can open up after the closing bell. With a strategy in place, you have a personal set of guidelines for deciding whether to jump in, hold fast, or get out. Think of it as playing offense and defense at the same time, to pursue your profit and risk goals.

Create your trading plan

Before you start trading futures, be sure to map out a plan that aligns with your strategy. Watch this video as Chief Strategist JJ Kinahan discusses ways to create a strategic plan—and how to follow it.

More ways to build on your futures strategy

Options on futures

Gain the ability to create risk-defined trades, enhance returns, or leverage your positions by buying or selling options in which a futures contract is the underlying asset. To learn more about trading options on futures, view our tutorial video in the thinkorswim Learning Center.

Trading options on futures requires Level III trading privileges. If you haven't already, apply to upgrade your account status today.

Futures in IRAs

Consider using futures and option strategies to help manage risk and potentially increase your total return while taking advantage of the potential tax-deferred benefits inherent to an IRA. But remember, futures and option trading, even in an IRA, involves significant risk and is not suitable for everyone.

If you don't currently have an IRA, open an account with us today.

Portfolio margin

Increase your buying power. Portfolio margin can offer you lower margin requirements for stocks and options and up to three times more leverage than a standard margin account. It gives you the flexibility to use different strategies to hedge risk, diversify, and potentially increase returns. Portfolio margin is not suitable for everyone, as the increased leverage can magnify both potential profits and losses.

Learn more about portfolio margin—see if it's right for you.

Get support—any time you need it

Have questions along the way? We've got answers. Contact one of our futures specialists 24/7 for help.


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