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The Economic Data tool gives you access to a wide range of data about the health of the U.S. and global economy, straight from the Fed.

Find specific economic indicators across eight categories fast with the platform's search engine.
Chart data points across multiple timeframes to see economic performance over time.
Overlay any of thinkorswim's 300+ technical studies, index symbols, or stock symbols to help visualize relationships and see what's happening in the markets.

Access nearly 400,000 economic data points to get a broad view of the U.S. and global economy.
See the eight categories of economic data:
Money, Banking and Finance:

Get critical numbers from the world of finance, such as exchange rates, interest rates, monetary data and much more.


Explore key economic indicators such as CPI (Consumer Price Index) and PCE (Personal Consumption Expenditures), as well as healthcare numbers and trade indexes.

Population, Employment and Labor Markets:

View important numbers in the employment sector like income distribution, minimum wage and population.

International Data:

Look through important regional and country-specific economic indicators that could influence your trades.

National Accounts:

Get the download on national trade transactions, government debt and geo-political shifts that could affect the market.

U.S. Regional Data:

See what the picture at home holds with data on census and BEA regions, state-by-state breakdowns and Freddie Mac numbers.

Academic Data:

Geek out on some of the most dense economic data available, such as recession probabilities, weekly bond prices since the Civil War, and the NBER macro history database.

Production and Business Activity:

Access market-critical information about the production and business sectors, such as health insurance, retail, construction and wholesale trading.

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