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Options Statistics

See options like never before: any way you want.

Options Statistics can help you determine when to get in and out of option trades.

Get a breakdown of the pricing and volume data that’s in the thinkorswim option chain, organized into an easy-to-read format. With Options Statistics, you can:

  • View overall volume of options traded for the current day in real time, and monitor the Put/Call ratio to gauge overall market sentiment
  • Drill deeper into market sentiment with a breakdown of the options traded above or below the Bid or Ask price or between the market
  • Compare the current volatility of an option to its volatility over the past year with the Implied Volatility Percentile, and get a feel for where the market's headed
  • Analyze the rundown of delta values of traded options, at the times the trades took place
  • Use the Sizzle Index® to view the ratio of the current day’s option volume on the underlying compared to the average of the past five days
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