Essential tools:


Scan the market for new opportunities.

Wherever you roam, you can take your scans and watch lists with you on your mobile device.

The Scan tab lets you:

  • Sync your dynamic market scans or a scan’s resulting static watch list from your desktop to any mobile device using thinkorswim and the free TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader app
  • Sift through thousands of optionable stocks, futures, and forex products in seconds with Stock Hacker, Option Hacker, and Spread Hacker
  • Set the criteria you’re looking for using filters for everything from liquidity to percent change to high volatility to the Sizzle Index®, and see your watch list build
  • Choose from—and modify—hundreds of predefined scans, or run any custom scans you create on the thinkorswim platform
  • View your synced scan or watch list on your mobile device by logging in to Mobile Trader and accessing the personal watch lists section of the app
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