TD Ameritrade

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An introduction to the futures market, this Essential dives into futures contracts and commodities—explaining what they are, how they trade, and what their unique benefits and risks can be.

  • Define what a futures contract is and how to trade one
  • Learn about different commodities and how to invest in them
  • Explore how hedging with futures can potentially reduce overall risk in a stock portfolio
  • Discover an alternative way to invest in commodities


If you have a firm foundation in futures and commodity investing, build on it with this Essential. See how you can potentially enhance your portfolio with commodities across different markets and much more.

  • Understand commodity futures, commodity stocks, and commodity exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Evaluate how intermarket analysis and interest rates can impact the commodity market
  • Peek into the world of arbitrage with pairs trading


Think you’re a futures wiz? Find out what you might not know with this guru-level Essential. Learn about strong and weak pairs, the best times to trade them, and how to automate your trading.

  • Grasp advanced arbitrage strategies with pairs trading
  • Create and implement a futures trading system that includes backtesting, measuring expectancy, and rules-based trading
  • See how you can trade options on futures contracts

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