TD Ameritrade

Choose the Essential that’s Right for You


If you're new to options, this Essential provides education on tools and technology to help prepare you for trading this more complex investing vehicle.

  • Explore what an option contract is and three ways to trade one
  • Evaluate how options are priced and what option premiums represent
  • Understand the difference between covered calls and puts


Have the basics of options covered? This Essential lets you dig deeper into the option “greeks” and provides a better understanding of how they can influence the price of an option.

  • See how short call and short put vertical spread trading can potentially produce income
  • Study iron condors and other sophisticated option strategies
  • Determine how to hedge stocks with a collar and help protect your portfolio with puts


Discover probability-based option trading and other advanced methods of combining calls and puts. With this Essential, you'll see which option strategies can work for you.

  • Learn how to master portfolio greeks and explore theta positive positions
  • Discover how to roll options around expirations
  • Decipher the difference between long call and long put vertical spread trading

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