TD Ameritrade

Choose the Essential that’s Right for You


From the basics of retirement accounts to diversifying your portfolio among asset classes, this Essential is perfect for beginner investors looking to build a long-term portfolio.

  • Identify your retirement goals and an account type that meets your needs
  • Discover the building blocks of a portfolio and how to fit pieces together to pursue your goals
  • Understand compounding growth and learn how to harness its power


Take your knowledge of investment portfolios even further with this Essential. Learn how to create and manage an allocated and diversified portfolio that fits your goals

  • Build a portfolio that’s appropriate for your life stage, risk tolerance, and long-term investing objectives
  • Determine how to manage your portfolio—do it yourself or get professional help from advisory services like TD Ameritrade Investment Management, LLC and AdvisorDirect®


Understanding how to maximize long-term growth even after retiring is important. This Essential teaches you how to maintain your portfolio with the goal of ensuring steady income.

  • Explore ways to overcome three common long-term growth barriers
  • Learn how to benchmark and reallocate a portfolio
  • Identify income-producing investments that can help add more stability to your portfolio

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