TD Ameritrade

Choose the Essential that’s Right for You


Ready to dip your toe in the stock market? From identifying trends to determining the level of risk you’re comfortable with, this Essential can help you become a more-informed investor.

  • Determine what a stock is and how to buy and sell one
  • Learn the benefits of an investing plan, how to create one, and why you should stick with it
  • Understand fundamental and technical analysis and how to apply them to your trading decisions
  • Determine your risk tolerance and how to manage for it

 New to investing? We can help.


Knowing how to spot potential opportunities and determining when to seize them are key to trading stocks. This Essential reinforces this idea to help you trade with more confidence. 

  • Evaluate a stock's performance with in-depth fundamental analysis
  • Identify when to consider buying or selling a stock based on technical analysis
  • Discover the latest technology and select a trading platform that fits your investing needs


When the market takes an unexpected turn, you need to be ready. This Essential helps advanced traders steer clear of investing myths and mitigate potential risks.

  • Learn how to overcome common barriers that may affect your portfolio's long-term growth
  • Understand the market cycles and things you can do when the market turns bearish
  • Find out how much of your portfolio you should consider allocating to stocks

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