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Insights to help you become a savvier investor Insights to help you become a savvier investor

Give your investing confidence the boost it needs with help from The Ticker Tape®. It's a unique, next-gen brokerage hub with daily market analysis, commentary from industry thought leaders, and strategies for engaging with the market.

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Insightful Articles

Market News news articles

Find out what's happening in the market when it's happening. Get behind the headlines with briefings on market events, economic indicators, earnings, trends, and more. Plus, get smart commentary from our Chief Market Strategist, JJ Kinahan, in his Daily Market Update column. 

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Investing investment charts

While you invest in the market, you can also invest in yourself–by growing your knowledge. Learn what goes into building and managing a portfolio, including products, strategies, and approaches. Plus, get info on how the economy and the markets function. 

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Trading investment graphs

Are you an active trader or perhaps itching to become one? Get the scoop on everything trading. From stock trading basics to option strategies to planning and executing even more advanced trades, the insights you need are here. Plus, tap into the psychology of trading.

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Retirement piggbank with coins

Are your plans for a comfortable retirement on track? Read about plan types, income generation strategies, budgeting, and ways to pursue and enjoy your post-career lifestyle.  

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Personal Finance two people shaking hands

It's called personal finance for a reason. It's personal. Get a complete view of day-to-day and long-term money management techniques with tips for how to apply them to your life. 

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Tools desktop and mobile trading platforms

Whatever your objective–research, analysis, or idea generation–get tips and tricks that can help you feel more confident when using our platforms to explore, assess, and act on potential market opportunities.

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Get serious market info with a sense of humor. Every quarter, our award-winning magazine, thinkMoney, delivers a fresh, fun take on equities, options, futures, market trends, and trading strategies.

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