You don't need to negotiate the terms of a futures contract. The specifications have it all laid out for you. Here's what you need to know. 

Futures margin: capital requirements

Get a handle on what initial and maintenance margin requirements mean for both your position and your account—plus learn how to find margin requirements in thinkorswim®.

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Mark-to-market adjustments: end of day settlements

Take a look at how the mark-to-market process makes sure that margin requirements are being met, and how it determines the daily gains and losses of your positions.

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Delivery: physical vs. cash-settled

Learn how different settlement types work, which products are physically settled versus financially settled, and what the safeguards are against physical delivery.

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Understanding the futures roll

Find out why traders use rolling to manage a position, how it works with different settlement types, and how you can monitor liquidation dates and expiration cycles in thinkorswim.

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Hedging your portfolio with futures

Discover how futures could be used to hedge a portfolio and how leverage can potentially help offset losses. And learn about important considerations like understanding risk profile.

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Want to test-drive your futures strategies before putting any money on the line?