Let's start with the essentials. Get to know contracts, pricing, and everything else that goes into trading on the lively, liquid futures market.

Futures investing basics

From an overview of contracts to how pricing works, explore the basics of futures and why traders use them as part of their investment strategy.

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Maximizing capital efficiency

Discover how leverage and capital efficiency set futures apart from other types of trades, and learn the benefits and risks that futures traders need to know.

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Comparing futures with stock trading

Find out how futures relate to stock trading—both their similarities and their differences. And learn how your knowledge of stocks could help you better understand futures.

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Comparing futures options with stock options

Thinking about moving from stock options to futures options? Take a look at how options on futures work, learn how they relate to stock options, and find out why traders use them.

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Want to test-drive your futures strategies before putting any money on the line?