Futures are more than just commodities. Get to know the different products you can trade, so you can find new ways to diversify.

Stock index & Micro E-mini index futures

Learn ways index futures can be used to trade on market moves and sentiment, and discover how Micro E-minis can help investors diversify for a fraction of the cost.

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Take a look at the fastest-growing energy source, natural gas. And find out how different crude oil contracts offer properties like flexibility and risk management.

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Metals have been used to measure wealth and value for centuries. Learn all about details like classification, contracts, pricing, and more.

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Treasury & interest rates

Interest rates affect everything from currency to stocks—and that includes the price of Treasury futures. Find out why they're one of the most-traded categories of futures.

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Learn how supply and demand, economic policies, and even weather conditions affect the prices of these globally traded futures.

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Discover this liquid sector with a look into the global exchange of currency in the foreign exchange market.

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Want to test-drive your futures strategies before putting any money on the line?