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Soybeans Futures Contract

Discover how soybean futures allow traders the opportunity to manage, seek rewards, and diversify their portolio with a leading oil seed product that has a variety of dietary and industrial uses.

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Corn Futures Contract

Learn why individual traders, grain elevators, farmers, investors, and commercial firms are among the diverse, global base that trades corn futures—the most liquid and active market in grain and oil seeds.

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Wheat Futures Contract

Get a look at the two types of winter wheat that are the global industry standard, and learn how the liquidity of wheat futures offers traders the flexibility in structuring hedging strategies to meet their timing and market needs.

Informative articles

It's Harvest Time: An Agriculture Investment Primer

We all have to eat. That's not exactly a portfolio strategy, but it's a good place to start when contemplating investing opportunities in American agriculture.

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Can You Spot a ''Weather Market''? Corn, Crude, Other Commodities

Whether the question is when to plan your family picnic or how to trade corn futures, the answer typically distills into three words: Check the weather.

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