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WTI Crude Oil Futures Contract

Learn about West Texas Intermediate, a light, sweet crude oil with low density and sulphur content. And find out why it's the most actively traded crude oil futures contract, with over 1 million contracts traded daily. 

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RBOB Futures Contract

Discover the RBOB futures contract, which allows market participants the opportunity to profit or hedge against price movements of gasoline—the most important refined by-product of crude oil.

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Brent Crude Oil Futures Contract

Find out how the Brent crude oil futures contract helps investors gain exposure to the global oil market, and why its price is a major benchmark for the purchase of oil worldwide.

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Micro Crude Futures

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New Micro Crude Futures Offer Lower-Cost Ticket into Oil Patch

Among commodities, crude oil is the undisputed heavyweight champ. The world’s most actively traded commodity is in the news every day and affects everyone in one way or another. Does that mean trading crude oil futures is only for the biggest and baddest? Not at all. Retail futures traders are gaining opportunities to take a crack at crude without having to pony up big bucks for ringside seats.

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