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Will They Raise or Will They Pause?

Daily Futures Update is a daily intelligence briefing from TD Ameritrade.
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Trading Global: Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading for Beginners

The foreign exchange or forex market is traded around the globe, virtually around the clock. Find out if the forex market is right for you with this retail forex guide for beginners.
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Silver Investing: Can It Make Your Portfolio Shine?

Learning how to invest in silver can be a great defensive strategy for portfolios, especially when equity markets are trending lower or interest rates are low.
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Industrial and Precious Metals Investing: Linking Money, Value, and Economic Growth

The industrial and precious metals market is a key component for investing, trading, and understanding the market. Learn how this market may affect economic growth and sentiment.
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Selecting an Option Strategy

Cameron May  |  03/23/2023  |  01:30 PM - 02:00 PM EST  |  Intermediate
(Intermediate) Many traders have a library of options strategies at their fingertips and know them well.  But how do option traders decide which strategies to use? Long or short? Bullish or bearish? In this interactive weekly broadcast, your education coach will talk you through the market considerations that may provide clarity and structure to your options selections. See side-by-side comparisons of both similar and contrasting strategies, and review the pros and cons of employing each in the current market environment. Whether live or archived, it’s always time well-spent!
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Long Verticals & Diagonals

Ben Watson  |  03/23/2023  |  03:00 PM - 03:45 PM EST  |  Intermediate
(Intermediate) Some stocks are expensive and even their options are costly! Join your education coach to discover an option strategy that allows you to trade those expensive stocks with relative low amounts of capital.  Learn the risks and how to trade and manage long vertical and diagonal spreads.
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Futures Basics & Beyond

Michael Fairbourn  |  03/23/2023  |  04:00 PM - 04:45 PM EST  |  Intermediate
(Intermediate) Carefully structured with the veteran futures trader in mind, this advanced webcast will give you a deeper look at the world of leverage. See sample trades and learn to manage a paper portfolio of futures positions to help you strengthen your understanding of leverage-related principles.
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