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Corn and Soybeans Decline Following WASDE Report

Daily Futures Update is a daily intelligence briefing from TD Ameritrade.
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Futures Margin Calls: Before You Lever Up, Know the Initial vs. Maintenance Margin Requirements

To avoid margin calls, understand the distinction between initial versus maintenance margin requirements for the futures contracts you plan to trade. Learn more.
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LEAPS® Options for Long-Term Leverage

LEAPS® options provide a helpful alternative for investors caught between whether to buy a stock or a short-term options contract. Learn more in this overview.
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Partner Up: How Pairs Trading Strategies Work with Market Relationships and Correlations

Pairs trading can be risky without a proper understanding of the financial markets. Learn how to apply a pairs trading strategy effectively in this guide.
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Managing an Options Portfolio

Cameron May  |  09/13/2023  |  01:30 PM - 02:15 PM EST  |  Advanced
(Advanced) You love trading options.  However, you've discovered that by having numerous option positions, you can exceed your portfolio risk tolerance well before you utilize all of the cash.  What can you do with that dormant cash while maintaining a large option inventory?  Join your education coach to learn various ways you could access potential stock opportunities while managing multiple option positions and strategies in the whole portfolio.
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Short Verticals

Ken Rose  |  09/13/2023  |  03:00 PM - 03:45 PM EST  |  Intermediate
(Intermediate) How would you like to be wrong in your directional forecast and still have the potential to have a profitable option trade?  Short Put Verticals or Short Call Verticals may be the option trade for you to explore.  Join your education coach to learn how to create, enter, and manage your short vertical trades.
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Trading Breakout Patterns

Barbara Armstrong  |  09/13/2023  |  04:00 PM - 04:45 PM EST  |  Intermediate
(Intermediate) Which price patterns indicate a potential change in the trend? Join your education coach to discuss what those patterns look like, potential entries and exits signals, and how to manage different types of trades associated with Double & Triple Bottoms and Head & Shoulders price patterns.
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