Four Reasons to Choose Amerivest

  1. Morningstar Associates Fund Recommendations and Amerivest Oversight - Based on recommendations from the experts at Morningstar Associates, Amerivest provides advice, as well as ongoing investment portfolio asset allocation, monitoring and rebalancing to meet your individual risk tolerance and needs.

  2. Goal-Focused Portfolio Management  - Your investment portfolio is automatically invested and rebalanced by Amerivest so you stay focused on your specific goal.

  3. Straightforward Pricing - Benefit from competitive pricing with the simple asset-based fee.

  4. Convenient Updates and Access - You’ll get regular updates on your investment portfolio and have access to the Amerivest Service Team by calling 888-310-7921, 8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. ET, Monday – Friday, excluding market holidays.

Access professional help with an Amerivest investment portfolio

Amerivest Core Portfolios for a Broad Range of Investors

These investment portfolios are flexible enough to help you pursue a wide range of financial goals. Amerivest will recommend a professionally managed and diversified investment portfolio that utilizes either mutual funds or ETFs. This disciplined approach can help you pursue your pre-retirement goals or build your nest egg.

Amerivest Managed Risk Portfolio for Long-Term Investors

This portfolio invests in a wide variety of mutual funds, and is designed to produce moderate and more consistent returns with lower volatility over the long run, while maintaining a low sensitivity to interest rate and equity-market risks. This type of investment is suited for investors focusing on long-term wealth accumulation or retirement.

Amerivest Opportunistic Portfolios for Growth and Aggressive Investors

Diversified investment portfolios that rebalance among a wide array of asset classes and sectors. The goal is to tactically pursue market opportunities while managing investment risk. It’s a strategy typically only available to institutional investors, but now available to you.

Amerivest Supplemental Income Portfolios for Investors Seeking Additional Income

Invest in professionally managed conservative investment portfolios comprised of mutual funds that invest in bonds and dividend-paying stocks. They’re geared toward investors seeking a stream of income to help supplement existing pensions, annuities, or Social Security for capital preservation.

Please note the Amerivest Supplemental Income Portfolios are not cash, cash alternatives, or money market funds and should not be viewed as such.

Get Started With Amerivest Portfolios

  1. Complete a simple questionnaire online or with a TD Ameritrade Investment Consultant at your local  branch or by phone.

  2. Amerivest will assess your objective, time horizon, and risk tolerance to find the best investment portfolio solution for your needs.

  3. Once you have chosen an investment portfolio, you'll open a TD Ameritrade Investing Account in which to implement it, and Amerivest will manage the portfolio according to your goals.

Not sure which solution is right for you? Compare Amerivest Portfolios

Portfolio Planning

Modern Portfolio Theory

Modern Portfolio Theory gives you an understanding of major concepts used to develop a personalized investment strategy.

Retirment Planner

Retirement Calculator let’s you gauge your progress toward your retirement goal.

Contact an Amerivest Specialist

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