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Professionally managed diversified portfolios for an ever-changing market

Powered by Morningstar Investment Management, Amerivest Core Portfolios provide access to professional management to help you navigate the dynamics of an ever-changing market by diversifying your mutual fund- or ETF-based portfolio across each asset class.

Amerivest Core Portfolios

Your Goal - Your Investment Team

With Amerivest Portfolios powered by Morningstar Investment Management, you get objective recommendations from professionals you can trust. Choose from five professionally managed discretionary portfolios invested in mutual funds or index-based ETFs to help you pursue your financial goals based on your objectives and risk tolerance. The pre-defined asset allocation targets and fund-specific allocations create a diversified portfolio. And best of all, Amerivest provides ongoing portfolio management and rebalancing so you can stay focused on your goals. Learn more.

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Three Reasons to Choose Amerivest Core Portfolios

  1. Morningstar Investment Management Fund Recommendations with Amerivest Oversight - The investment professionals at Morningstar Investment Management provide objective allocation and fund recommendations and Amerivest provides ongoing portfolio management, to create your diversified portfolio.

  2. Straightforward Pricing - Benefit from competitive pricing with a simple asset-based fee.

  3. More Choices - Choose the Amerivest professionally managed portfolio strategy that may be right for you.

Answer a few questions to determine your risk tolerance

What Type of Investor Are You?

It’s a question that will help determine which portfolio is right for you. Just answer a few simple questions, and Amerivest can help you determine which portfolio is best for your risk type and tolerance.

Five Levels of Risk Tolerance

Each Amerivest portfolio is made up of mutual funds or ETFs. They range from conservative to aggressive in their risk characteristic. Amerivest can help you identify the portfolio that is right for you based on your investment goals and how much time you have to work toward them.

ETFs or Mutual Funds?

Compare Mutual Funds or ETFs for Your Portfolio Based on Morningstar Investment Management's recommendations, Amerivest will build, manage and monitor a diversified portfolio made up of actively managed mutual funds that span a broad range of investment styles, sectors, market caps, and regions; or ETFs that span a range of styles, market caps, and regions, and offer potential tax and cost efficiencies.

Get Started With Amerivest Core Portfolios

  1. Complete a simple questionnaire online or with a TD Ameritrade Investment Consultant at your local  branch or by phone.

  2. Amerivest will assess your objective, time horizon, and risk tolerance to find the best portfolio solution for your needs.

  3. Once you have chosen a portfolio, you'll open a TD Ameritrade Investing Account in which to implement it, and Amerivest will manage the portfolio according to your goals.

Not Sure Which Amerivest Portfolio is Right For You?

Amerivest has a selection of portfolios for different investors with varying risk tolerance, needs, and goals. View and compare all Amerivest portfolios.

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