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No, you're not dreaming. You can create a cash flow strategy to fit your goals.

Amerivest Supplemental Income Portfolios aim to provide investors with a stream of supplemental income. These portfolios invest in a range of fixed income funds that span the globe with high or investment-grade credit ratings, funds with dividend-paying stocks, and income-oriented trading strategies.

Amverivest Supplemental Income Portfolios

Create a Cash Flow Strategy

Each Amerivest Supplemental Income Portfolio is made up of cost-efficient fixed income and some dividend yielding funds that are actively managed to help produce income while seeking to preserve your initial investment. Powered by Morningstar Investment Management, these portfolios also provide you with added confidence because Amerivest is handling the ongoing portfolio oversight and rebalancing. Learn more

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Three Reasons to Choose Amerivest Supplemental Income Portfolios

  1. Income While Seeking Capital Preservation – Generate supplemental income while limiting your exposure to volatility with a capital preservation strategy. Amerivest provides ongoing portfolio management and oversight on your behalf.

  2. Objective RecommendationsThe experienced investment professionals at Morningstar Investment Management are focused on building high-quality portfolios that are continuously evaluated for fund options and allocations.

  3. Systematic Withdrawals – Choose when to receive your income payments and how much each payment will be.

Harness the power of Morningstar® with your supplemental income portfolio

Put Power Behind Your Income-Generation Strategy

Morningstar’s sophisticated investment process is designed to help you pursue your income generation goals. These are not guaranteed portfolios, but are managed in a conservative manner with an additional goal of preserving your principal.

Conservative Income

  • If you want to simultaneously generate income and preserve principal, or if you’re already retired, this may be the ideal choice for you.
  • This portfolio has a heavy weighting towards fixed income and cash.
  • These can also serve as a complementary investment strategy to your core portfolio.

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Moderate Portfolio

  • If you are nearing retirement or if your goal is to generate income with a measured amount of growth that includes small exposure to equities, the Moderate portfolio may be your best choice.
  • These can also serve as a complementary investment strategy to your core portfolio.

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Get Started with Amerivest Supplemental Income Portfolios

  1. Complete a simple questionnaire online or with a TD Ameritrade Investment Consultant at your local  branch or by phone.

  2. Amerivest will assess your objective, time horizon, and risk tolerance to find the best portfolio solution for your needs.

  3. Once you have chosen a portfolio, you'll open a TD Ameritrade Investing Account in which to implement it, and Amerivest will manage the portfolio according to your goals.

Not Sure Which Amerivest Portfolio is Right for You?

Amerivest has a selection of portfolios for different investors with varying risk tolerance, needs, and goals. View and compare all Amerivest portfolios.

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