A retirement plan you feel good about—and people you trust

Get more from your retirement accounts with a TD Ameritrade IRA. We’ll help you plan for your next steps and you can earn up to $2,500.*

When you have a brokerage dedicated to helping you plan for retirement on your terms, you can be more confident in your investments. TD Ameritrade provides an array of powerful tools designed to help your retirement investments work harder for you. In 2012, we were named best broker for your IRA by Kiplinger’s,** offering a wide range of investment choices and no annual fee or minimum to open an account. Plus, you’ll have access to personalized service and support whenever you need it.

Now, when you open or roll over to a new TD Ameritrade IRA by 12/31/14, you can get up to $2,500,
plus a $150 transfer fee rebate.*

Open or roll over to a new TD Ameritrade IRA and receive up to: $2,500 - PLUS a $150 transfer fee rebate*

Keep your retirement investments on track with an Amerivest Portfolio

With a managed portfolio from Amerivest, you’re investing in a professionally designed plan that’s tailored to your unique situation by the experts at Amerivest and Morningstar Associates, LLC. Convenient, automatic rebalancing will keep you on track toward your goals.

Value shouldn’t be complicated

That’s why we make pricing simple with a flat-rate commission on all online equity trades, a variety of commission-free investments, no platform fees, no share limits or hidden fees, and no opening deposit minimums.

Find the right balance of
investments for your portfolio

TD Ameritrade provides access to stocks as well as thousands of mutual funds to choose from. We also offer bonds and certificates of deposit (CDs)—as well as easy-to-use tools like Bond Wizard™ to help you find and buy the bonds and CDs that fit your criteria.

Planning tools and resources for retirement and beyond

Access WealthRuler® to help you determine how much you might need for retirement, our Retirement Planner to determine your investment goals, and a wide range of free educational resources to help you learn about preparing for retirement, portfolio strategies, and more.

Take advantage of objective research from industry experts

Some companies provide market research skewed to their own products. But with TD Ameritrade, you can depend on objective market information from independent third-party industry leaders to help you implement your investing strategy and make more-informed decisions.

Count on our support through every stage of life

Our Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors℠, Fixed Income Specialists, and Investment Consultants will work with you to identify your goals and develop a strategy to help you pursue them. And when you need help, our representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Open an account

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Get a cash
bonus of:
When you open or roll over
to a new IRA by 12/31/14 with:
  $2,500   $1 million or more
  $1,500   $500,000‑$999,999
  $1,000   $250,000‑$499,999
  $500   $100,000‑$249,999
  $200   $50,000‑$99,999
  $50   $10,000‑$49,999
Plus receive a $150 transfer fee rebate
when you transfer an IRA.
New IRAs using the Amerivest service require a minimum
deposit of $25,000. Contribution limits cannot be exceeded.