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Helping you plan for retirement as you grow your business Helping you plan for retirement as you grow your business

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TD Ameritrade offers a variety of small business retirement plans that offer self-employed and sole proprietors and their employees tax-advantaged ways to save for retirement. And with flexible funding, tax-deductible contributions, guidance, and a wide range of investment choices, we can help you find a plan that's right for your business needs and retirement goals.

Small Business and Self-Employed Retirement Plans

Solo 401(k)

A 401(k) plan designed especially for businesses without employees.


A Solo 401(k), also commonly referred to as an Individual 401(k), is for self-employed individuals without full-time employees. By allowing you to contribute as both the employer and the employee, this plan enables you (and if your spouse works for you) to boost your retirement savings with higher contribution limits. Both Roth and pre-tax salary deferrals may be permitted.


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A 100% employer-funded retirement plan for businesses with or without employees.


A Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA is a plan completely funded by the employer. This plan benefits both the employer and employees, with tax-deductible contributions for the employer and tax-deferred growth for the employees. Flexibility over contributions makes it a good choice for businesses with varying profits.


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A matching plan for businesses with employees that is funded by both employer and employee contributions.


A Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) allows both the employer and employee to contribute to employee retirement accounts, with tax benefits for employer contributions and the ability for employees to make pretax contributions. This plan is intended for businesses with steady profits.


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An incentive-based contribution plan.


Profit-sharing plans reward employees with a percentage of company profits, although contributions do not have to be based on profits. Employer contributions are discretionary and provide tax benefits for both the employer and employee.


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Learn how the right retirement plan can help you grow your retirement portfolio, attract and retain valuable employees, and pursue your retirement goals. Talk to a TD Ameritrade representative today.
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Take control of your retirement with our tools, guidance and support

Develop a plan for your retirement

Knowledgeable Support

Get the guidance and support you need from TD Ameritrade representatives who can help bring your assets together, and Financial Consultants who can help guide your individual strategy on the way to your goals.


Check out our free educational resources for help with building, managing, and maintaining your retirement strategy.

Build a portfolio that aligns with your goals

Mutual Fund and ETF Screeners

Use screeners to narrow down your mutual fund and ETF choices to find the funds that may be right for your plan.

Managed Portfolio Solutions

Take advantage of managed portfolios designed to help you pursue your financial needs as they grow and change.

Manage and update your plan

Simplify by Consolidating Your Accounts

Consider rolling over your old retirement accounts to a TD Ameritrade IRA. It may help you simplify, save time, and stay on track.**

Manage and Fund on the Go

Download our free mobile apps to monitor the market, research investment ideas, and fund while on the go with our mobile check deposit feature.

Flexible Funding

Develop your own contribution schedule and easily fund with a variety of options including electronic funding, wire transfer, or check.

Retirement checklists to help with every stage of retirement planning

Compare small business retirement plans

Solo 401(k) Plan




What Plan Fits My Business?

Self-employed individuals without any full-time employees (other than my spouse or business partner)



Businesses with 1 - 100 employees (corporate employers, non-profits, partnerships)




Who is Able to Contribute?

Employer contributes on employees behalf





Employee contributes on own behalf


What are the Contribution Options?

Employer contributions are tax-deductible





Employee contributions are flexible


Contributions have tax-deferred growth potential


Contributions are immediately vested


Additional Benefits

Optional loan provisions



No employer IRS tax filing for the business


Ability to exclude part time employees


Tax deductible plan expenses


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