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Inherited IRA RMD Calculator

Inherited IRA & beneficiary tool

Calculate the required minimum distribution from an inherited IRA

If you have inherited a retirement account, generally you must withdraw required minimum distributions (RMDs) from an account each year to avoid IRS penalties. RMD amounts depend on various factors, such as the beneficiary's age, relationship to the beneficiary, and the account value. If inherited assets have been transferred into an inherited IRA in your name, this tool may help determine how much you need to withdraw and which distribution method might work best for your unique situation. Get started below.

Special note for certain beneficiaries of IRA owners who passed away in 2020 or later: While the IRS has yet to publish final regulations, currently proposed regulations would require certain beneficiaries to take annual required minimum distributions from an Inherited IRA, while also being required to deplete the entire Inherited IRA within 10 years following the original IRA owner’s year of death. This proposed rule would generally only impact beneficiaries of deceased IRA owners who are not considered “Eligible Designated Beneficiaries” in situations where a Traditional IRA owner passed away on/after her required beginning date. Please consult with your tax advisor, if you have questions about whether you should take a required distribution from your Inherited IRA before December 31, 2022 and annually thereafter.

Questions about Inherited IRAs?

We offer helpful information for spouses, family members, friends, executors, and administrators.

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