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It's not about a hunch. It's not about a feeling. Trading futures is about information—getting it and acting on it. And your power lies in having access to elite-level tools that can help you do just that.

Our advanced thinkorswim® trading platform

  • Custom charts and studies
    Access 400+ technical studies, including support and resistance, market profiles, and the Elliot Wave Oscillator.* Plus, choose from over 20 different drawing tools, including eight Fibonaccis.
  • Conditional orders
    Set rules to trigger orders automatically to help you manage risk around the clock, including order-cancels-order and bracketed orders when specific market criteria are met.
  • Active Trader Ladder
    Get the speed you need to act on your trading ideas with a single click. You can also use advanced conditional orders, including bracket orders, to trade—and trade quickly.
  • Trader TV
    Tune in anytime to get the news you need, streaming live, right from the platform. Includes CNBC global feeds from the U.S., Asia, and Europe. Plus, twice weekly, catch CNBC Futures Now, the first multiplatform show devoted to futures.
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thinkorswim Mobile

Stay in lockstep with the market across all your devices. With thinkorswim Mobile, you can monitor your risk around the clock, wherever you are. Get access to in-platform support, custom watchlist alerts, live updates, and a variety of tools, including charting, chat rooms, technical indicators, one-click trading, data feeds, and Swim Lessons℠. Everything is here in the #1 trading app in the App Store.** Available on Apple® and Android™ devices.

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