Finally, a trading platform that lives up to its traders.

Take your game to the next level with thinkorswim®

Get elite-level trading tools and analytics with thinkorswim. Trade equities, options, futures, and forex in your own personal trading HQ powered by insights, education, and tools to help you nail even complex strategies and techniques.

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Elite-Level Tools

When building the tools on thinkorswim, we strove for supersonic levels of precision and speed. Feature-packed, this platform lets you monitor, plan, and execute trades in one place. So grab your inhaler, hotshot, because these aren’t your father’s trading tools.

Insight Generation

A great idea can mean all the difference. Hunt down your next big trade with features like Stock Hacker, Sizzle Index®, and studies from third-party market pros John Carter and John Person. Get exclusive live squawks from S&P, bond futures, and physical commodity trading pits, and Huddle webcasts, too.

Empowering Resources

Start using thinkorswim at warp speed with an array of onboarding resources that help you get started right away, like our Learning Center, thinkManual, online Swim Lessons, and live interactive webinars launched directly from the platform.

thinkorswim trading platform features elite tools for the serious trader
Get new trading ideas from insight generation features on the thinkorswim
Start trading quickly with thinkorswim educational resources and guides

Comprehensive Charting Package

This thinkorswim exclusive feature gives you P&L charts and charting flexibility for revved up analysis. We’ve got hundreds of technical indicators and studies, many from rock-star traders and third-party industry professionals, such as John Carter and John Person. Plus, dynamic scanner lets you sync market scans in real-time from your desktop to your tablet, so you can stay connected to the market wherever you are.

Get comprehensive charting capabilities with the powerful thinkorswim

Market Monitor

With thinkorswim’s Market Monitor, you can see the whole market graphically displayed, all visually showcased in easy-to-read heatmapping and graphs. View your portfolio or a watch list in real time, then dive deep into forex rates, industry conference calls, and earnings.

Watch the whole market by using a graphic display with the thinkorswim

Beta Weighting

With beta weighting from thinkorswim, you’ll never trade blind. Professional traders and money managers alike use this tool to understand potential gains and losses. Using any optionable stock or index as the common denominator, the beta weighting tool converts the deltas (sensitivity to price changes) of your individual positions into stock or index equivalent deltas for you. Now, you too can see your entire portfolio’s risk updated in real time as the markets change.

Understand potential gains or losses with beta weighting on TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim platform

Pairs Trading

Industry-recognized pairs are great, but we give you the freedom to spot your own opportunities. Trade on any pair of products you choose. If you’ve got the position sizing and market timing, our customizable pairs trading can help you trade in any market condition. So go get ‘em, boss.*

Execute pairs trading or create your own customized pairs trading selection within thinkorswim

Paper Trading

Use the paperMoney® tool to test strategies and ideas without risking your funds. It’s a realistic way to experiment with advanced order types and test new ideas. You can also perform backtesting and practice trading based on historical market data with thinkOnDemand.

Paper trading allows you to practice and learn in real or historical markets without risking your own money

Strategy Roller®

Looking to simplify your options strategy? Then look no further. With our exclusive Strategy Roller®, you can create a covered call strategy up-front using pre-defined criteria and our thinkorswim platform will automatically roll it forward month by month.** You can also stay updated on the status of your strategies and orders through prompt alerts sent via SMS text message or secure mail. Why trade options anywhere else?

Strategy Roller lets you set a covered call strategy up front and automatically rolls it forward.

Company Profile

Think you know something the analysts haven’t accounted for? Unlock your imagination and visualize your ideas with Company Profile—an interactive third-party research tool integrated into thinkorswim. See a breakdown of a company by divisions and the percentage each drives to the bottom line, make hypothetical adjustments to the key revenue drivers for each division based on what you think may happen, and see how those changes might potentially impact projected company revenue.


Visualize your ideas with company profile
Stay on top of breaking news or search the CNBC video archive
Live Streaming Media

Stay on top of breaking news with CNBC, CNBC Europe, and CNBC Asia. Tap into new trading ideas with premium content streamed daily from tastytrade and hear what's happening in real time, with live audio straight from the pros in the trading pits.

thinkorswim helps you trade the forex market and compare currencies
Forex Global Currency Map

Compare the currency of your choice to the performance of others around the globe and more. Then, check out stacked comparisons for an overall perspective-all buttoned up in a logical layout of today’s action.

thinkorswim helps you trade futures from a wide variety of investments, with increased leverage and extended trading hours
Futures Calendar Spreads

Fine-tune your position expiration dates with our upgraded spread trading tools.

thinkorswim allows you to trade even complex options trades efficiently
Complex Options Trades

Enter complex options orders as fast as your fingers can type them. Switch up the layout to view different fields such as theoretical price, implied volatility, probabilities and more.

Get started quickly on thinkorswim with free education resources
Free Education & Market Commentary

Get started quickly on thinkorswim with free education resources. Our Learning Center gives you all the tools to start quickly. Take advantage of live market commentary and visit trading chat rooms.

Frequent updates and enhancements come free with the thinkorswim
Consistent, Frequent Innovations

We’re always working to improve and innovate thinkorswim, so you can depend on regular updates and enhancements.

Get new trading ideas you can put into action with market scanning tools
Trade and Market Scans

Our scanning tools search for stocks based on the criteria you set. See volatility, risk, and potential rewards.

Stock Hacker keeps you informed about stock pricing, volatility, and more
Stock Hacker

Hunt down your next big trade with Stock Hacker. Find specific stocks that may be on the move. Then, see volatility, risk, potential reward and probability, all in one easy-to-read tool.

Portfolio Margin on the thinkorswim® platform

 If you are leveraging portfolio margin to diversify, hedge risk, and potentially lower margin requirements in your qualified account, only the thinkorswim platform displays portfolio margin* requirements using a theoretical pricing model. Plus, you'll receive 24/7 account support and free access to trading specialists to help you execute your strategies. Open an account today.

View portfolio margin on the thinkorswim® platform

Portfolio margin on the thinkorswim® platform

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