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Exclusive Education

TD Ameritrade’s Education Center offers a flexible, intuitive approach that lets you self-select your skill level and areas of interest, guides you through interactive learning tools, and provides authentic practice opportunities and assessments – so you can solidify what you’ve learned.

Objective Research

Access independent research for free to validate ideas and fuel your investment strategies. Gain insight with fundamental and technical research from names like Market Edge and S&P Capital IQ.

Planning Tools

Use free tools to plan and manage your investments, such as Portfolio Planner to efficiently create a bundle of securities to trade, rebalance, and invest in; or Retirement Planner to assess how much you may need to invest to pursue your goal.

Explore free educational investing and trading resources
Stay informed with research from independent third parties
Use our planning tools to create and diversify your portfolio

The Dock

The Dock offers easy access to the information you want in customizable modules located on the right side of your account homepage. Stay up-to-date on the latest financial news with our Yahoo! Finance module, which allows you to personalize your feed to fit your positions and watch lists.

Get information when you need it with a customized my dock including Yahoo!Finance

Social Signals

News about product launches, mergers and quarterly earnings often breaks on social media first. Take advantage of this extra source of research and ideas using social signals, a one of a kind new trading resource that pulls insights from Twitter and compiles them all in one place. View a short demo

Posts presented in social signals are not subject to any fact-checking, may be without reasonable basis and claims may be unsubstantiated. Thoroughly evaluate all information before trading.

Introducing social signals the first trading innovation of its kind.


Use alerts on our web platform to track price, volume, and rating, plus track changes in your Watch Lists or monitor activity in major indexes. Set a number of other customizable alerts and have them sent to your email and mobile devices.

Get information when you need it with customized alerts

Stocks Overview

Tailored to your positions, Stocks Overview lets you view the most recent events and news for the stocks you own and are watching—all in one place. See earnings, monitor volume, track social sentiment, and more. Plus, find potential opportunities based on what stocks and sectors are on the move.

Keep tabs on what's trending and find new stock ideas with Stocks Overview


Access advanced screeners for stocks, options, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and mutual funds to help you find the right investment for your individual needs to help you pursue your financial goals. Create and save custom screens based on your investment ideas, or choose a pre-defined screen to help you get started.

Find investments that meet your criteria with screeners


Conveniently located at the bottom of your browser window, SnapTicket stays with you no matter where you navigate on the site, so you can get quotes and place trades seamlessly, at a moment’s notice.

Get quotes and place trades with SnapTicket
Use calendars to track important events


Stay on top of key events that may impact current and future investments, such as earnings, dividends, and splits.

Track and monitor investments with Watch Lists

Watch Lists

Simultaneously display multiple Watch Lists so you can monitor your current and potential investments without interruption.

Use GainsKeeper® to track capital gains and losses


Automatically track your capital gains and losses to make tax season simple with this capital gains calculator.

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