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About Ted, Our Virtual Investment Consultant

We're pleased to introduce you to Ted – he lives to help investors find the information they need about TD Ameritrade's products, tools, and services so that they can make more informed investment decisions.

Ask Ted

If you've ever wanted an immediate answer to a difficult question or wished you knew how to quickly find a specific trading tool or form on our Web site, you're going to love Ted. He is TD Ameritrade's Virtual Investment Consultant, and he's here to help – around the clock – whenever you need him and whatever you need him for.

Don't be bashful — feel free to ask Ted anything you want. He's very smart, and he's got a voracious appetite for information. Every time someone asks him something he doesn't know, he learns the answer and never forgets it. And while he's very good with answers, he's also great at helping you navigate to specific pages of the Web site that you're interested in.

Having trouble? Contact us.


Tips for Success

Tip 1: Ask one question at a time.
Tip 2: Keep your questions simple.
Tip 3: If his answer seems unrelated to your question, try rewording your question.